Attention Card

Supporting anyone with a medical diagnosis of autism or Aspergers Syndrome.

Emergency Services Personnel

The Attention Card confirms ‘The person you have with you will have a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition’. They should be treated as a vulnerable person and PACE 1984 guidelines should be followed.

When you apply for an Attention Card you are given the option for the applicant’s difficulties to be recorded onto Cheshire or Merseyside Police’s intelligence system. This means that in an emergency, irrespective of whether they are carrying the card or Autism Code Keyring, the issues they have will be acknowledged, and appropriate support given.

This is incredibly beneficial for children, teenagers and adults, and is FREE.

We are often asked ‘my child is always with me, why would I need one for them?’ our answer to this is say the unthinkable happened and you were knocked unconscious. By registering, your details are red flagged to say that you have a child with autism, which means responding officers will know that appropriate support will need to be put in place for your child.

You don’t need to live in either county to obtain this card – obviously your details won’t be logged with your local police force, but just carrying this card carries weight. To show to the bus driver, the shop assistant etc will hopefully gain you some help and support or empathy.

Apply Today

Please print out the Application Form on two sheets of paper as the form needs to be scanned and if printed back to back the information isn’t as clear, thank you.

Don’t forget to send proof of diagnosis too.

Also please put as much information as possible in the details box.

Please read our Privacy Notice before completing the application, thank you.

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