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Autism Criminal Justice Forum

Why do we need an Autism Criminal Justice Forum?

As a group people on the autistic spectrum are seven times more likely than neuro-typical people to come into contact with the criminal justice system.

They lack social awareness, have little regard to the consequences or impact their actions could have on others.

They lack empathy and have poor communication skills that may limit them from extricating themselves from potentially threatening or harmful situations.

They can present with odd or suspicious behaviour and together with their naivety, may lead them to be exploited by others.

They may be unable to understand the complex, abstract or indirect questions, or to give clear and adequate explanations for their behaviour. They will also not understand situations they find themselves in.

They can appear abrupt and lack deference to people in authority, especially when they are in unknown situations which makes them anxious and feel threatened. Their odd behaviour will escalate if they are in a situation they don't understand.

For all these reasons ChAPS feels this area of how our dependents are treated, and how their symptoms are recognised by the criminal justice system is incredibly important.

Initiative sponsored by

Cheshire West and Chester Council
CWaC Council Members Budget
Halton Borough council
Warrington Brough Council
CEPC Voice
Cygnet Springside
The iMap Centre

ChAPS instigated a criminal justice forum in February 2011 with representatives from

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