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Advocacy Service

This service is provided free to ChAPS members to promote social inclusion, equality and social justice.

What can our advocate do?

Our advocate is able to take action to help you say what you want, secure your rights, and those of your child, represent your interests and obtain services you, or your child, need.  She will work in partnership with you and take your side. 


Key advocacy principles


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Do I need the advocate’s help?

If you want to find out if you are eligible for the help of our advocate then please contact Carey by telephone or email.  We have eligibility criteria and a referral process that Carey will explain to you.  When you initially speak to Carey she will only be able to take brief information from you about what it is you need help with.  We have limited funding in respect of this service and therefore it is important that we follow the process we have put in place as this has been specifically designed to provide the maximum amount of support possible to members for the funding we have secured.   

In addition to providing one to one advice and support our advocate will circulate general advice to all members periodically.  If there is a particular subject/area you wish her to cover then do let us know. 


Monthly advice

Empowering parents 


General advice

Inspiring families to achieve more