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Jessica Kingsley Publishers
For a wide range of books on a number of different, autism related topics visit the Jessica Kingsley Publishers website.
Rosebank Autism Library
The Hub offers a collection of books, DVDs, CDs, visual aids, sensory toys and other useful tools to help anyone on the autistic spectrum or people caring for someone with autism, Asperger’s or other learning or sensory difficulty. We aim to provide a supportive, informal environment where individuals, parents and professionals can find information, talk to others in a similar situation or just have a coffee and browse our shelves.
SEN Books
SEN Books is a specialist bookshop with books and materials for students, teachers and parents. We have lots of titles on dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, dyscalculia, DCD, Asperger Syndrome and Autism.
'Switched On - My Journey from Asperger’s to Emotional Awakening' by John Elder Robison
In 2007 John Elder Robison wrote the international bestseller Look Me in the Eye, a memoir about growing up with Asperger's. Amid the blaze of publicity that followed, he received a unique invitation. Would John like to take part in a study led by one of the world's foremost neuroscientists, who would use an experimental new brain therapy in a major effort to understand and then address the issues at the heart of autism and Asperger's? This is the extraordinary story of what happened next.

Having spent forty years as a social outcast, misreading other's emotions or missing them completely, John is suddenly able to sense a powerful range of feelings in other people. However, this newfound insight brings new problems and serious questions. As the emotional ground shifts beneath his feet, John struggles with the very real possibility that choosing to diminish his disability might also mean sacrificing his unique gifts and even some of his closest relationships.

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