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Cheshire Autism Practical Support Ltd.

If you think a member of your family may have an Autism Spectrum Condition, this site can give you information and support as you navigate your way through the emotional journey of life with a dependent who is going to need more help than an average person.

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About ChAPS

ChAPS was started in April 2010 by three parents who all have children on the spectrum. As of 1 January 2013, we are now a limited company and registered charity. We work very hard to provide what we do because we know how important you find the information and services available, they are essential to the future well-being of your children.

Cheshire Autism Practical Support

Below is a list of advice, practical support and services that we offer across Cheshire for all families whether you have a diagnosis, or not.

  • Monthly parents meetings.
  • Positive parenting courses helping with behaviour, anxiety etc
  • Activities for children and young people in Halton and¬†Cheshire
  • Facebook with lots of chat, support and advice.
  • Intensive social skills classes for children.
  • Annual conference in November.
  • Annual Party in the Park Information Day in August with 40 autism specific services.
  • Website full of information for parents and professionals.
  • Social events for adults on the spectrum.
  • Counselling for parents and people on the spectrum.
  • Personalised supported employment.
  • Employability qualifications.
  • The Autism Criminal Justice Forum, Attention Card and Autism Code Keyring.
  • Social skills and independence training for adults.


Latest events

Kidz to Adultz up North

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Annual Exhibition

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The Autism Show

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Taking place in both London, Birmingham and Manchester, The Autism Show is for the growing community of parents, carers, professionals and individuals on the autism spectrum.

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